Upcoming Events

  • Festspillene Helgeland
    tor. 01. jul.
    Helgeland, Norway
    01. jul., 19:00 – 14. jul., 23:00
    Helgeland, Norway
    Performing and teaching at Festspillene Helgeland.
  • Tour - Fairytales
    man. 09. aug.
    09. aug., 19:00 – 15. aug., 23:00
    Elisabeth Turmo(violin) and Elena Toponogova(piano) going on a pre release tour for their CD, in Norway. More info TBA.
  • Opening concert - Torshov Church
    31. aug., 19:00
    Oslo, Torshov, Oslo, Norway
  • Concert in London - The Nicholas Boas Charitable Trust
    04. okt., 19:00
    Greater London, 22 Mansfield St, London W1G 9NR, UK
    Fundraising concert for my coming CD Fairytales together with Elena Toponogova(piano)
  • Concert in St Petersburg
    Saint Petersburg
    Saint Petersburg, St Petersburg, Russia
    I will record the Fairytales CD together with Elena Toponogova(piano) in St Petersburg. While we are there we will give workshops and concerts. More info TBA.
  • Turmo Solo
    Ysaye Ballade. Musicvideo with spectacular blending of music, dance and the art of film. It will be available to experience in September 2020.